Have you ever visited London covered with snow? If not, check this out! A white blanket over the UK capitol. Something beyond magic!

 Are you a summer lover person or are you more of a winter kind of person?
If you love snow, this is for sure the right place for you!
Living in London in this amazing Winter 2018 was definitely one of the best things in the world.
This city doesn’t usually get covered in snow every year.
2018 was a lucky year, with almost an entire week of softy snowflakes and blizzards.
I can’t even imagine something more magical than this. This is so special for me, that I decided to write about it for my first ever blog post.
I am so excited to jump into this new adventure, without knowing where it will take me. But this is what adventures are about, right? The unknown.
Snow makes me feel even more happy to stay warm inside your house under a beautiful blanket, staying nice and cozy while everything around you is so silent. One of the best things about it for me is tho, to go out and wander. When it snows I go back to being a kid every single time.
Snow is kind of my element, every time it comes I can’t help it, I’m happy.
I don’t know if you are familiar with “Gilmore Girls”, the tv show; in that show Lorelai, every once in a while says this words: “I smell snow”. I feel exactly like her. Snow is something good, positive, a good auspice.
I grew up in a tiny town in the mountains and during winter I was always surrounded by meters of snow and I couldn’t imagine a life without it.
Untitled collage
I took the first photo here while I was wandering in St James’s Park with -10 degrees, and it was still so beautiful. This is for sure one of my favourite parks in London. I first went for a walk in this park in December 2017 and I just fell in love with the views you have from here. This February it was so cold that the river became ice and it felt like everything was slowing down, and in a city like London you’re not used to slow down very often!
I didn’t photographed every beautiful spot during this snowy days but I had the chance to wander around some cool places: from the London Eye, to the Natural History Museum, Buckingham Palace, and the Queen’s Walk!
Untitled collage (1)
Is your favourite spots one of these above?
I’d love to know!

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